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FO-20 is dying

I don't think there can be any doubt that FO-20 is near death (or is it 
better to say "non-operational status"?)
Two things I've noticed over the past several weeks:
1. The bird will suddenly shut off completely in the middle of a 
pass.  Today that happened, with excellent signals, at 1938Z, which for my 
QTH is near TCA.  Sometimes it's late on station, so to speak, and in the 
last week I have seen several passes where it simply doesn't show up.
2. The Doppler profile has changed.  Used to be TCA was easily observed by 
a translation 145.950 up -> 435.850 down.  Now the downlink seems to be 
about 5kHz lower than usual...at AOS the beacon is at 435.8005 or so 
(instead of the usual 435.8055), and at TCA 145.950 gets you 435.845 or 
so.  This happens consistently with each pass that is operational.

I would echo the previous comment that a linear LEO would be most 
appreciated.  Fortunately FO-29 seems to be in fine shape. However, I also 
recall that AO-40's original profile was such that I calculated I could 
work it mobile (not portable, mobile) either Mode B or J.  Don't know if 
the planned HEO will have that capability.  And I am not interested in 
starting another Mode B Holy War, by the way.

Work it while you can, and hope to hear you doing it!

Scott Townley NX7U
Gilbert, AZ  DM43di

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