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FT-847 question - lost 75 and 160 meter xmit

I purchased an FT-847 which was previously owned and which had the "MARS
mod" to allow additional transmit coverage (jumper pins 1,2,3,and 5 were
grounded).  Today I discovered that I have no transmit on 75 or 160 meter
bands.  Receive is OK, but on transmit I get "Error" on the LCD display, as
though I were out of band.  Other bands seem OK.  I'm hoping that if I
restore the original arrangement of "jumpers" I may get 75 and 160 back.

Does anyone know the original chip resistor configuration for the FT-847 as
sold in the US?  I went to G1IVG web site and checked his chart.  Then I
tried grounding 1,4,5,6 and 1,5,6 but neither combination seems to allow
transmit on 75 or 160.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
Grant Zehr AA9LC

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