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Hi fellow satellite Dxers,
I´m just checking my qsls and found quite a number of not confirmed QSOs,

3A/G6LVB my qso date : 04.02.2001 AO-10
GJ6LVB my qso date : 18.01.2003 AO-40
CX2AAI  v CX2CAT my qso date: 12.11.2002 AO-40
CX1AO my qso date : 12.11.2002 AO-40
CX2CAT my qso date : 13.11.2002 AO-40 - not sent so far ( waiting to see
CX2AAI v CX2CAT  coming in )
CE3SAG my qso date : 22.04.2002 AO40
CE3XK my qso date : 11.03.2003 AO-40 - not sent so far
XQ3SA  my qso date : 21.07.2002 AO-40
XR6M my qso date : 06.02.2003 AO-40 - not sent so far ( waiting to see XQ3SA
coming in  )

My question : Does anyone have received a card from those stations ??

vy 73 de Hardy DC8TS7KC2DMA

Reinhard Schulze
Elsa-Brändström-Str. 35
D-53879 Euskirchen
Federal Republic of GERMANY

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