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RE: will this work ? - REPLY -

Thought you might be interested in my direct response to Tracy.

I do the same thing with a 910 and a 100d, using the 910 for QSOs and the
100d for full time ao40 telemetry. Just put a co-ax "T" in the line. The
downvonverters have so much gain that the T actually helps matters. I also
use the internal attenuator in the 910, set so that when the transponder
comes up the S meter just flickers from 0-1 S unit. (About "48" on the
setting). This gives me a good S meter reading on contacts. The issue of the
DC going up the co-ax is something you MUST address. You do not want to put
910 DC to the Down converter and have it also go to the other receiver.
Place a "DC block" between the T and the second receiver. Another thing I
did, after toasting the Down converter, is put a "2 meter transmit block" in
the line to the Down converter. If you accidentally transmit on 2 meters,
the transmit block will throw a very high SWR back to the transmitter, which
will immediately shut down.... You don't think it will be a problem, but it
will... You can get this stuff from SSB Electronics.
Good luck and look forward to hearing you on AO40.
Gunther Meisse

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