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will this work ?


My dish/downconverter is feeding AO-40 to my IC-910 (IF is 2 meters) with lots 
of excess gain, I even use the attenuator.  I also have an IC-756PROII . . . 

Can I split the signal coming from the DC and send part of it to a frequency 
converter to 10 meters and feed the receive antenna input on the 756?  This 
would give me a nice visual display of the passband and possibly even a better 
way to hear the signals as opposed to the 910's receiver.

Will this work and what commercial equipment would you suggest I use for the 
splitter and the 2 mtr to 10 mtr frequency converter?

(another worry . . I am using 13.6 volts on the coax center conductor to power 
the DC.  Will it pass through the splitter?  Will the 12 volts hurt the input to 
the IC-756PROII ?)

Thanks.  Tracy Floren K7KCS  k7kcs@arrl.net
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