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Satellite Contact Reporting Analysis and Prediction (SCRAP)

If anyone is interested in tracking of multiple satellites, the following
software may be of interest.

Satellite Contact Reporting Analysis and Prediction (SCRAP) tracks and
predicts passes of satellites based on the geographical location of the
ground station, the current date and time as provided by the computer system
ís clock, and Keplerian orbital data for the satellites of interest to the
ground station.  The software is capable of tracking over 2000 satellites
real-time, as well as producing contact reports.  In addition to the
satellites, it provides ground labeling for over 260 countries and 2265
Cities.  In addition, the user is able to pick from 27 different map
textures, apply island, lake, rivers, US states, coastal lines and national
boundaries lines.  I've only told you a fraction of the capabilities of the
program, and it's still being improved.

The draft document (PowerPoint HTML presentation) and the latest PKZIP
version of my SCRAP software. You will find two downloadable files at the
referenced URL, it contains the basics to get started, you can download the
additional graphic Earth textures later.

	http://www.rtty.com/bytheway/SCRAP/	(PPT presentation on the product)

SCRAP does not access the Windows registry or place any hidden files on your
system.  It does have Winsock code for downloading TLE data from the
internet (using HTML port 80).  The default maximum number of satellites is
500 unless you increase it at runtime with a command line parameter. (i.e.
"scrap 2000" for 2000 satellites).

The entire project was completed in about three months of evenings
integrating source code and data from the public domain.  The software was
built using Microsoft Visual C++, uses OpenGL, modified GLUT DLL and should
run on most of the newer machines running Windows98 or better and 500 MHz or
better with over 128 MBytes of RAM.

My product is similar to Analytic Graphics STK, Aerospace SOAP, Predict and
InstantTrac software, with the exception that it is truely Windows based and
has been tested on Windows 95, 98 and 2000. Forgot to mention that the
product is freeware.

Your comments on the product will be appreciated.

Bill Bytheway, AA6ED
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