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FM/F6CBC on AO40

Thanks to a Packetcluster spot by KO4MA (thanks Drew!), I just worked Jean
FM/F6CBC on AO40.  Beacon +21 kHz.  He is in grid FK94 in Martinique.  The
squint is never good now, so signals were weak.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have a window with anybody on the next orbit.  I
didn't ask him how long he will be there, but the squint is getting worse
every day as alat is raised to 20 degrees.  The next window with North
America is on 15 April at about 2300 UTC, but the transponder probably won't
be switched on.  I wish this was publicized more in advance.

Jean and I now get to send TWO QSL cards to each other.  He worked me from
France while I was in Guadeloupe, and I worked him from the U.S. while he
was in Martinique.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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