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Re: What does the station on ISS cost?

When you are adding up the costs and benefits of ARISS to the amateur radio
community, remember what Chris Imlay said at the Saturday night banquet speech
last November at the annual meeting in Fort Worth. To badly paraphrase his
speech, he said that programs like the amateur satellite missions and ARISS
are highly visible to the FCC and other decision makers in this country and
other countries as examples of why the Amateur Radio Service should continue
to exist in the 21st century. The FCC has no interest in the morse code debate
or most of the other things that hams care passionately about, but our ability
to carry out projects such as ARISS is a big reason why the ham radio spectrum
has so far not been auctioned off to the commercial interests of this

Dan Schultz N8FGV

Robert G. Oler WB5MZO wrote:

>I am a life member of AMSAT and I have read on page 18 et all the "Report of
>the AMSAT Board of Director's Meeting"...ok here is the easy question (I
>actually have an answer from an associate who is on a Senators
>committee)...How much does the station on ISS cost AMSAT members....a year 
>and.....since it was established?

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