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Looking for input on formation of live telemetry working group

AMSAT AO-40 Telemetry gatherers:

I am in the process of determining the practicality of assembling a
Real-Time Telemetry Working Group.
The purpose of this group will be the real-time acquisition of the AO-40
telemetry beacon, and future GTO long pass telemetry beacons, for live
distribution on the Goddard server, and as an organized group of
dedicated telemetry stations for, upon demand, situations. This is not
to be confused with the wonderful work being done by so many, gathering
the telemetry on a regular basis for the AMSAT archive. This would be a
group  who is capable of prolonged distribution via the internet.
If you are in a position to track AO40 for long periods of time, and are
interested, and capable, of continuously downloading this data to
Goddard, please reply to me directly.
I am interested in the following information. (I will compile same, and
return a summary to all those that respond.)
Please provide your:
Internet connection (Dial or full period):
Availability (Portion of the day etc):
Status: (Retired/Still working etc):
Telemetry Acquisition rig, automated or manned?
Would you be willing to be on-call, contacted by land line or cell, for
special acquisition requests?
If so, what restrictions?
Would you be willing to be part of a regular acquisition schedule ?
Brief description of your S-Band antenna. Looking for any very-hot

This general information will give me a starting point... We'll see what
interest there is, and go from there.

Thank you for your help.
Gunther Meisse
gjmouse@neo.rr.com  /or/ w8gsm@amsat.org

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