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Re: Re: L1 orbit maybe interresting for HAM ?

On Wednesday, Apr 9, 2003, at 15:35 US/Central, William Leijenaar wrote:

> Hi AMSATs,
> I see all these interresting orbits have also disadvantages :-(
> The only orbit I can think out is a sun orbit, but this is not very 
> easy to do I guess...
> This means the only stable and useable satellite orbit is an earth 
> orbit ??
> 73 de PE1RAH, William

For now, yes.  If you don't have the equivalent of a Goldstone dish 
with liquid helium cooled LNA and a rack of TWT amps for your uplink, 
your antenna/TX setup is unlikely to have enough gain or directivity to 
be able to use a sat much farther away than GEO.  The moon (~200K 
miles) is a bit of a stretch by ham standards, even, and L1/L2 are more 
like 46 million miles away from here, which I doubt would be usable for 
more than maybe a half dozen people that I know of ..

"Go ahead and do it, you can apologize later." -- RADM Grace Hopper, 
"The sunset is an illusion, but the beauty is real." -- Richard Bach

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