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Re: Re: AO-10 mode L/U

>Ed K9EK
>Oldtimer, I guess. Hell, I remember when "Mode J Club" on Oscar 8 was quite
>an accomplishment ......

Nice reminder , Ed!!  There were about 200 of us as I recall...Soooo a
Mode J reunion!!

All mode J members still active send me your number (if you remember it!),
but in any event your callsign, e-mail, and I'll compile a list...

I'll send a message to all when we have a good off-point AO40 beacon+20 net.

Impossible to find coverage for all involved, but I'll pick a time, es let
all know, probably we'll wait until we go thru these "doldrums", but get
your e-mails to me in preparation....ahhh the good ole days!!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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