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XE2YWB & K6YK Grid trips

Hi Guys, 
Roberto, XE2YWB, will be in the following grids: 

April 17 evening only, DL83
April 18 morning and evening, DL73
April 19 Morning and evening, DL74

This would be on UO-14.  This information was mailed to me by Roberto. 

I will also be on UO-14 and  AO-27 when it's on from several grids from
to Florida  from April 10 to April 29.  I'll try some  AMTRAK mobile
passes and hope
I'm in a rare one.  The trip will basically follow  I-8,  U.S. 90 through
DM14, DM13, DM23, DM22, DM32, DM42, DM41, DM52, DM62, DM61, DM71, DM70, 
DM80, DL89, DL99, EL09, EL19, EL29, EM20, EM30, EM40, EL49, EM50, EM60.
The train passes through the above grids. .  I don't know exactly which
one I'll be in when the passes occur. 

I'll run as many other grids in the Alabama/north Florida area as I can,
and of course
as many counties, too. 

John, K6YK

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