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Re: AO-10 mode L/U

Message text written by "Andrew Glasbrenner"
So, do any old timers remember is L/U worked on 10? Any descriptions or
ideas on how it might sound on solar panels only?

I'm really surprised no one commented to the -bb about this. I've not heard
from anyone who actually worked it in L/U ever....

73, Drew KO4MA<

Sure, there were a few of us on AO-10 L band uplink. Problem was AO10 was
deaf as a post; it took a ton of power to get it's attention. I used ~100W
from a pair of 7289's in a homebrew sliding drawer cavity to a 55el LPY. L
uplink went away when AO10 locked in mode B years ago. AO13 was much nicer
on L uplink.

Oldtimer, I guess. Hell, I remember when "Mode J Club" on Oscar 8 was quite
an accomplishment ......

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