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Re: Conductive Foam, was Re: How far should one separate a LNA and its associated down converter, and Why?

> What?! A ham throws something out???  Really hard to believe ,Bill:)  I
> still have the first CK722 Transistor that I bought and that was when they
> first came out at about $15.00 a pop!! That should tell you something
> about my age:) My XYL gave up on me years ago and just lets me keep the

Well if you still have the CK722,  how about the Altair 8080.  Did you keep
that ??  I did, and my wife keeps asking when I will get it programmmed to
do the vacuuming about the house.  When I bought it, I said it would do
that, just so I could raid the bank......

I think she has given up (I hope)......Ever think we all married the same
kind of gals.....and  have you noticed that when you bring in something new,
a new sofa or coat appears at the same time......

sunny Sundridge, Ontario, Canada

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