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PCSAT nearing FUll sun

PCsat will be back to full ops in 2 days.  Yesterday her eclipses were 22
mins, today they are 18, tomorrow they will be 12 and by Wed she will be
in full sun.

After only 1 orbit in full sun she can charge herself out of negative
power budget and night time ops can resume.  Last time it
lasted 47 days after full sun.  SO, if you dont have a local APRS
digi, or are out in the wilderness, remember that PCSAT overflies
everywhere on earth giving you 3000 mile digipeater coverage 6 times a

When you see packets with 00111111 on pcsat.aprs.org, then she's back!

de WB4APR,
Naval Academy Satellite Lab

PCsat:  http://www.ew.usna.edu/pcsat

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