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Re: What does the station on ISS cost?

Frank mentioned ...
> The ARISS program inspires students to pursue careers in math 
> and science and to become ham radio operators.  These aren't 
> just words.  I have seen it happen.  The students never forget 
> this event.

I'd also like to add an individual observation about kids, ham radio,
and space.  My kids are in the 7th and 9th grades.  My ham station is
in the family room with plenty of distractions and entertainment options
for the kids.  There is the TV, stereo, nintendo, a computer with 20GB
of games on it, etc.

But, the ONE thing that gets my kids attention amid all of the other
toys is the ARISS project ... even if I'm just trying a UI digipeat.
Its even more interesting when one of the crew members is on the air.

As soon as the ISS pass is over, the rest of my ham station doesn't
seem so interesting anymore.  Just the casual contact mode of ARISS
is what has captured my kid's interest and imagination.

Where will this take my kids?  It may be a little early to tell.
Early, but interesting, exposure to technology has my kids interested
in upgrading their own computers, they want to help with the 8' dish 
project I have planned ... and this is just in our household.  They
seem more attuned to the purpose of their science and math classes
in school now.

I'd like to extend my thanks and congratulations to the ARISS team
for the possibilities they imagined and are making real.  It even
is working in just this house just because space has become accessible
to a 7th and 9th grader.

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ

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