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Re: Video from imbedded correspondents

> Anybody know how the journalists are getting their audio and video back

Most of it is coming back via INMARSAT satellite using H.320 video
teleconferenceing equipment designed for ISDN. Most are using standard M4
terminals operating at L band. The transmission rate is typically 64 KBPS.
They can use two terminals and bond the streams to get a composite 128 KBPS
link to improve the picture quality. The M4 terminals themselves are very
small, about the size of a thick laptop computer. The antennas are flat
panel phased arrays and are about the size of an opened spiral notebook. A
single 64 KBPS connection from an M4 terminal to a terrestrial ISDN number
costs around $ 8.00 US per minute. The service is completely on demand and
requires no pre-arrangement. You can find more information on the INMARSAT
web site.


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