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Decoding SAFIR-1 from TRACE ON

i thought that those of you who can only receive frames using TRACE ON
might like to see how I have managed to decode the telemetry packet from
the raw hex received:

How to decode data frames from safir-1

1. Look for the hex sequence starting 

81 82 98 82 62

These correspond in decimal to the ascii codes for DATA1

2. Locate the last 21 hex items. Discard the last one and take the
immediate preceding 20. ( at the moment) these start with 30 six times ie
30 30 30 30 30 30

3. using Win calculator, enter one by oneall the 20 hex codes  into the
calculator and check the decimal box: this returns 20 decimal ascii codes.
Enter each one into Word by pressing left-ALT then the ascii using Numeric
keypad then release ALT.

4. Copy the exact stream including punctuation (20 items) into the Safir-1
decode program.

This method has produced the following:

Heard at 1829utc 30/12/02:

SAFIR-M Telemetrie (DP0AIS)

Raw Data:          0000008v008*88244b00
Temperature Board: 4.0°C
Temperature PA:    4.0°C

Voltage [Accu]:    13.6 Volt
Voltage [5.5V]:    5.48 Volt
Voltage [3.3V]:    3.31 Volt

Biterror:          00 Errors

Heard at 1859utc 31/12/02:

SAFIR-M Telemetrie (DP0AIS)

Raw Data:          000000 0008d8 244b00
Temperature Board: 0.0°C
Temperature PA:    70.5°C

Voltage [Accu]:    00.8 Volt
Voltage [5.5V]:    5.48 Volt
Voltage [3.3V]:    3.31 Volt

Biterror:          00 Errors

73 de andy G0SFJ
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