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PCsat store-&-forward

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Stephen Diggs saw this frame on the PCSAT 144.39

> PCSAT-11>APLOG,000106,135700:}SQ3HXD>CQ,PCSAT-1/1:

This is a store-&-forward packet from PCSAT-11 showing that it heard the
station SQ3HXD on the day 000106 and time 13:57:00.  Ignore the date and
time, since we did not have that set.

The packet heard was "SQ3HXD>CQ,PCSAT-1:" but it contains no data.  Anyone
anywhere on the planet can ssend up a packet from any Mic-E formatted TNC
device (typically the Kenwood radios) and be captured by PCsat if they set
their position comment field to any of the CUSTOM settings or to SPECIAL,

The uplink for this service is unpublished but is available to any HAM
radio operator that will be operating from remote areas and wants to get
his status packets back to the world of APRS.  Once captured by the
satellite, the last 3 such packets are repeated once every 3 minutes
around the world until replaced by new ones.

I'm curious to hear from SQ3HXD if he is reading this..

And, if any HAM anywhere on the planet is going somewhere unique
(outside of the USA and European footprints), please  take a Kenwood
TH-D7 HT with you and report back using this feature..


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