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SAFIR Digipeating

The good news about this is that 1200 baud APRS mobiles driving around can
simply QSY their mobiles to 435.275 during a SAFIR pass and with no other
configuration changes, will be digipeated by SAFIR.  Now all we need is
more IGates monitoring 145.825 for 9600 baud as well as 1200.

But, because the global APRS data base FINDU.COM cannot tell that the
packets were digipeated by SAFIR, there is no way to build a dedicated web
page  unless we do something special.

Maybe if we set up the ground IGATES with the alias of SAFIR and have them
digipeat, then the packets will contain the needed SAFIR* that FINDU.COM
needs.  The question is will the monitroing TNC digipeat the packet and
include it "so marked" in the data stream?  I think maybe not...  Unless
there is a command to change that...

 de WB4APR

> "SAFIR-M (AATIS OSCAR-xx) is not a digipeater in the classical sense. The
> digipeater is only hardware, completely in a CPLD, i.e. without a
> microprocessor. Received HDLC frames are re-transmitted without any change on
> the format.   So what KD4APP received from N4ZQ was in fact re-transmitted by
> SAFIR-M on RUBIN-2!!"

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