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Re: RUBIN 2 copy tonight

Maybe if I didn't subscribe to the list in the digest format, I would have 
seen Peter's as well as Don's answer earlier. Thanks guys..

To borrow a line from the great Paul Harvey, "and now you know the rest of 
the story".

SAFIR-M (AATIS OSCAR-xx) is not a digipeater in the classical sense.
The digipeater is only hardware, completely in a CPLD, i.e. without a
microprocessor. Received HDLC frames are re-transmitted without any
change on the format.   So what KD4APP received from N4ZQ was in
fact re-transmitted by SAFIR-M on RUBIN-2!!

Congrats and 73s,
   Peter DB2OS

PS. Could someone explain to me what advantage it is to use 1200 baud up on 
435 and 9600 baud down on 2 meters? Especially when a vast majority are 
using 1200 baud on the 145.825 downlink frequency now with PCSat. I'm all in 
favor of raising the bar on satellite digital radio speeds, but I also see a 
need to make use of the masses already there. Bob, anyone? Keith N4ZQ

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