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PROBLEM SOLVED - Need help with bad satellite signal on AO40 -SEE COMMENT ON FT847

After posting this I checked the voltage supply for the FT847.  It showed 13
volts.  I normally operate my battery float supply at 13.8 volts and somehow
the power supply voltage control got lowered.  I raised it to 13.8 volts and
my problem disappeared.

Apparently the 847 supply voltage is critical on the Sub transmit vfo.
Anyone using this rig on battery supply might want to check it out before
going on a wilderness trip contemplating satellite operation.  I don't know
if this problem is on my rig or the FT847 in general.  Incidently, the main
vfo gave me no trouble on hf during this time period.

Mal, NP2L
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From: Malcolm M. Preston <malnp2l@attglobal.net>
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Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 3:40 PM
Subject: Need help with bad satellite signal on AO40

> Hi all,
> Just in the last two weeks I have been plagued with a terrible cw signal
> AO40.  At first I though it was chirp but a further look shows it to be
> something else which I can't figure out.  If the rig is key down my signal
> sounds like with a higher tone (on the order of say 800hz) which changes
> a lower tone (say 400hz) at the end when the key is let up.  When I send
> a normal rate it sounds like a chirpy signal.
> I checked my transmitted signal on 440 in the shack with another receiver
> and can detect nothing amiss.  KP2Z, a neighbor, listened to it also and
> sounded ok.
> The rig is an FT847 about 3 months old.
> If anyone thinks they can put some light on this I'd surely appreciate it.
> I can provide a .WAV file of the sounds.  I'm baffled.
> Mal, NP2L
> St. John, USVI

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