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Re: G-5400B azimuth disassembly

Karl Sandstrom wrote:

>I have to disassemble the azimuth portion of my G-5400B.  Presumably, the
>position pot is bad and I do have a replacement.
>Does anyone have any words of wisdom concerning the disassembly of the
>azimuth rotor?  Pitfalls or things to look for or avoid?
>Karl R. Sandstrom, K5MAN
>AMSAT Area Coordinator
>Greenwell Springs, Louisiana
>k5man@arrl.net / k5man@amsat.org
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When you get ready to lay things out for disassembly, lay out an old 
towel on the table or bench you are working on, to catch any loose ball 
bearings that may pop loose. Have a coffee can full of solvent such as 
Kerosene or Paint Thinner to clean the balls, small parts,  and races, 
and determine if they need replacement. You might want to wear rubber 
gloves, this gets a bit on the messy side. Once things are cleaned up, 
you should be able to visually inspect and ohm out the indicator pot to 
determine its fitness for use.  Under certain conditions, the balls can 
rust on the AZ part of the rotor, so if they need replacement contact 
Norm's Rotator Service or a bearing house for replacement balls. Norm 
sells 100 3/8 inch balls for $15.00 + S/H, your local bearing house 
might do better however.   If you have difficulty removing the housing 
bolts, soaking the bolts overnight with Liquid Wrench and applying heat 
might help them loose. If the offending bolt has a screw head, an impact 
driver might help as well.

The Azimuth rotor is pretty straightforward mechanically, so don't be 
afraid to get your hands dirty.

Bruce N3LSY

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