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RE: AO-40 Receive and FT-847 serial control -REPLY-to-REPLY-

You know Jim, I screwed around with super cooling concepts, etc. but I
concluded that KISS is the only way to go. There are just too many moving
targets from spacecraft xtal drift, to doppler, to downconverter, to IF
receiver drift. ........

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] AO-40 Receive and FT-847 serial control -REPLY-

Some great ideas here I'd not considered.  Really like the scan to find,
kind of how the microwave bricks I use work!

Thanks & 73,

Gunther Meisse wrote:
> Ed,
> Here is what I do to totally Automate my AO-40 Telm capture.
> *       Nova running antenna array via 5500 + Senior Tracker by W0LMD
> *       CPU running AO40Rcv decode software with the "Rig Control" options
set to
> do mic up/dn as needed to maintain the telm channel centered. Note: You
> use a software control that moves the receiver frequency BETWEEN frames.
> Otherwise the frame is lost due to the abrupt freq change. The up-down
> amount that I have found to be just right is 60Hz, with the receiver step
> increment set at 50Hz. This always keeps the receiver within the stepping
> window of AO40Rcv. By the way this software is excellent. It is reliable
> solid as a rock plus has very nice graphics.
> *       The mic up/dn functions are generated via the com port, which
drives a
> couple relays which actually perform the Mic up/Dn functions on the
> receiver. The print for the controller interface is included in the "Help"
> file of Ao40Rcv. Takes 20 minutes to put together.
> *       I use a spare Yaesu FT-100D as my dedicated telm receiver. The
> from the com port controller is less then a picnic. The 100D does not
> provide external Mic up/dn control, SO, you have to get into the mic and
> wire across the "Up & Dn" buttons.  Works like a champ. You set the step
> amount to 50Hz.
> *       I then set a scan window on the 100D of from .270 to .350 ( the
> window for the MB including all doppler + freq drift at my location). The
> receiver is left on Scan and when the bird comes over the horizon, within
> minute or so, the receiver finds the beacon and the AO40Rcv starts to
> and center the beacon carrier and keep it centered for the balance of the
> pass.
> *       I also run UDPtelm on the same CPU which is set to gather the telm
> from AO40Rcv via the server setup, found in the "Output Settings" menu.
> is then sent down the internet to the Goddard Server which makes it
> immediately available over the internet to folks running the Stacy Mills
> "P3" display software. Works great!! Nice to bring up "P3" at work and see
> what  is going on with the bird....
> *       The only un-reliable part of this approach is the fact that when
the bird
> MB is turned off for RUDAK (MA 110-126), the 100D does not reliably go
> into the scan mode so often that is the end of it for me unless I am at
> to reset the scan.
> General Concept Note: I have gone to heated ovens for the xtals etc, and
> have concluded, at least for me, the ability to predict the MB freq is
> inadequate. To many variables to mess with, Doppler, down converter freq.
> drift, receiver freq drift etc. The scan-to-find is a sure thing and is
> Hope there is something of value here for your project.
> 73
> Gunther Meisse
> AMSAT LM#594
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] AO-40 Receive and FT-847 serial control
> I would like to have the telemetry capture of AO-40 a little more
> I have to bump the frequency dial, every now and then, on the FT-847 to
> the telemetry in the window of AO-40 Receive while I am capturing
> frames. When I leave the computer there is a time I miss some telemetry. I
> use ITune to correct the radio for Doppler, but the TS-3373 has a tendency
> to drift despite the insulation wrap. It sure would be nice to be able to
> use the tuning feature of AO-40 Receive to take over the frequency
> correction of the radio. Has anyone figured out the serial commands in the
> Rig Frequency Control menu of AO-40 Receive to correct the frequency of
> FT-847? It appears the CAT control and VFO frequency could be set via the
> serial connection. I could find no refrence of a command to step up and
> down, or am I missing something?  I wanted to post to the list before I
> other alternatives in hope someone has already solved my problem.
> Ed Evitt, N9AWP
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