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RE: AO-40 Receive and FT-847 serial control -REPLY-

Here is what I do to totally Automate my AO-40 Telm capture.
*	Nova running antenna array via 5500 + Senior Tracker by W0LMD
*	CPU running AO40Rcv decode software with the "Rig Control" options set to
do mic up/dn as needed to maintain the telm channel centered. Note: You must
use a software control that moves the receiver frequency BETWEEN frames.
Otherwise the frame is lost due to the abrupt freq change. The up-down step
amount that I have found to be just right is 60Hz, with the receiver step
increment set at 50Hz. This always keeps the receiver within the stepping
window of AO40Rcv. By the way this software is excellent. It is reliable and
solid as a rock plus has very nice graphics.
*	The mic up/dn functions are generated via the com port, which drives a
couple relays which actually perform the Mic up/Dn functions on the
receiver. The print for the controller interface is included in the "Help"
file of Ao40Rcv. Takes 20 minutes to put together.
*	I use a spare Yaesu FT-100D as my dedicated telm receiver. The interface
from the com port controller is less then a picnic. The 100D does not
provide external Mic up/dn control, SO, you have to get into the mic and
wire across the "Up & Dn" buttons.  Works like a champ. You set the step
amount to 50Hz.
*	I then set a scan window on the 100D of from .270 to .350 ( the maximum
window for the MB including all doppler + freq drift at my location). The
receiver is left on Scan and when the bird comes over the horizon, within a
minute or so, the receiver finds the beacon and the AO40Rcv starts to decode
and center the beacon carrier and keep it centered for the balance of the
*	I also run UDPtelm on the same CPU which is set to gather the telm data
from AO40Rcv via the server setup, found in the "Output Settings" menu. This
is then sent down the internet to the Goddard Server which makes it
immediately available over the internet to folks running the Stacy Mills
"P3" display software. Works great!! Nice to bring up "P3" at work and see
what  is going on with the bird....
*	The only un-reliable part of this approach is the fact that when the bird
MB is turned off for RUDAK (MA 110-126), the 100D does not reliably go back
into the scan mode so often that is the end of it for me unless I am at home
to reset the scan.

General Concept Note: I have gone to heated ovens for the xtals etc, and
have concluded, at least for me, the ability to predict the MB freq is
inadequate. To many variables to mess with, Doppler, down converter freq.
drift, receiver freq drift etc. The scan-to-find is a sure thing and is

Hope there is something of value here for your project.
Gunther Meisse

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I would like to have the telemetry capture of AO-40 a little more automated.
I have to bump the frequency dial, every now and then, on the FT-847 to keep
the telemetry in the window of AO-40 Receive while I am capturing telemetry
frames. When I leave the computer there is a time I miss some telemetry. I
use ITune to correct the radio for Doppler, but the TS-3373 has a tendency
to drift despite the insulation wrap. It sure would be nice to be able to
use the tuning feature of AO-40 Receive to take over the frequency
correction of the radio. Has anyone figured out the serial commands in the
Rig Frequency Control menu of AO-40 Receive to correct the frequency of the
FT-847? It appears the CAT control and VFO frequency could be set via the
serial connection. I could find no refrence of a command to step up and
down, or am I missing something?  I wanted to post to the list before I try
other alternatives in hope someone has already solved my problem.
Ed Evitt, N9AWP
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