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Need help with bad satellite signal on AO40

Hi all,

Just in the last two weeks I have been plagued with a terrible cw signal on
AO40.  At first I though it was chirp but a further look shows it to be
something else which I can't figure out.  If the rig is key down my signal
sounds like with a higher tone (on the order of say 800hz) which changes to
a lower tone (say 400hz) at the end when the key is let up.  When I send at
a normal rate it sounds like a chirpy signal.

I checked my transmitted signal on 440 in the shack with another receiver
and can detect nothing amiss.  KP2Z, a neighbor, listened to it also and it
sounded ok.

The rig is an FT847 about 3 months old.

If anyone thinks they can put some light on this I'd surely appreciate it.
I can provide a .WAV file of the sounds.  I'm baffled.

Mal, NP2L
St. John, USVI

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