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AO-40 Receive and FT-847 serial control

I would like to have the telemetry capture of AO-40 a little more automated.
I have to bump the frequency dial, every now and then, on the FT-847 to keep
the telemetry in the window of AO-40 Receive while I am capturing telemetry
frames. When I leave the computer there is a time I miss some telemetry. I
use ITune to correct the radio for Doppler, but the TS-3373 has a tendency
to drift despite the insulation wrap. It sure would be nice to be able to
use the tuning feature of AO-40 Receive to take over the frequency
correction of the radio. Has anyone figured out the serial commands in the
Rig Frequency Control menu of AO-40 Receive to correct the frequency of the
FT-847? It appears the CAT control and VFO frequency could be set via the
serial connection. I could find no refrence of a command to step up and
down, or am I missing something?  I wanted to post to the list before I try
other alternatives in hope someone has already solved my problem.
Ed Evitt, N9AWP
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