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G-5400B azimuth disassembly

Thanks to all those who sent helpful replies to my request for information.
They were very much appreciated.

I am very happy to report that the rotor itself was not the problem.  Once
the tower had been folded-over, it was very apparent that the continual
flexure had taken its toll on the rotor cable.  The outer PVC sheath had
cracked open and at least one wire had been nearly worked into two pieces.
A quick snip below the troubled spot and re-connection of the rotor proved
very successful.

Morel:  Leave very large flexure loops for coax and rotor cables alike.

Thanks again to all and to all, A Very Happy New Year.  See you on the

Karl R. Sandstrom, K5MAN
AMSAT Area Coordinator
Greenwell Springs, Louisiana
k5man@arrl.net / k5man@amsat.org

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