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RE: Antennas

Hello Jon

> I'm looking for a smaller antenna system.  I currently have 9ele long yagi
> on 2m
> 21ele long yagi on 70cms both are linear polarized so I figure if I go
> circular polarized
> I can maybe half the length of the antennas.

I use the WIMO X-Quad 2m & 70cm pair which have boom lengths of only 1.5 and
1.3m. I'd take the claimed gain specs with a pinch of salt (12.6 & 14.9 dBi)
but you can work all the current birds with them. Implementing polarisation
switching helps quite a bit too.

I've had several recent reports (and some first hand experience) of the 70cm
X-Quads not tuning in well. There must've been some recent design change
which leads to this problem. This can be resolved by bending back the first
director but it seems a lot easier said than done.

Anyway, I've had a lot of success with mine. Makes for a compact


73 Howard G6LVB

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