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Re: Silent Key -- Grote Reber, W9GFZ

Thank you, Tom.  Grote Reber was a true pioneer.

It was with great pleasure that I attended the dedication of the Green Bank 
Telescope, NRAO's new 100 meter radio telescope (or is it 101meters 
??).  The hams at the NRAO in Green Bank, WV operated a special event 
station during the days of the dedication.  The call W9GFZ was used.  I had 
a chance to operate for just a little time,  what a great time.

I would encourage everyone who has an opportunity to visit the observatory 
at Green Bank, WV to do so.  Take a good look at Reber's dish and imagine 
it being in Reber's back yard.  You can also see a replica of Janski's 
infamous "radio telescope", take a tour of the grounds and get a glimpse at 
the worlds largest fully steerable radio telescope. And many other 
instruments, even a 40ft transit device school kids can use.  Many of 
my  high school students have traveled to WV from Michigan to enjoy an 
opportunity to study radio astronomy.

All this because of the likes of Grote Reber.

Thanks, Tom, for helping us remember a great scientist and great science.

Jim Jipping,  W8MRR
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