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RUDAK operations

RUDAK Operations, Christmas

Over the past few days the RUDAK team has been concentrating on getting 
software loaded after the long period of quite time when there was 
inadequate power to run RUDAK and the experiments.

A task to record all activity on the CAN bus was loaded and run on the B 
processor while the CAN server and CEDEX task were run on the A.  The CAN 
logging task files and the CEDEX task files were downloaded and are being 
analyzed to diagnose the problem that has prevented collection and logging 
of CEDEX data since December, 2001.

During the Christmas eve and day windows it was determined both RUDAK 
processors had crashed back to the boot loader and reloading was begun.  An 
initial attempt to reload A failed and the short window prevented further 

Some testing on the new windoz based command software was accomplished and 
a few changes have been made.  This is an important activity because it 
forms the basis for telemetry and command software for future AMSAT-NA 
satellites including ECHO and Eagle.  Again, however, the short RUDAK 
window prevented complete testing.

Further load and diagnosis activities will be undertaken during the next 
available window.


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