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Re: Using Pb / Pg For Linux

These 2 programs communicate through the AX.25 Sockets as you say. So, you 
must configure the Kernel AX.25. The program does not communicate directly 
with the TNC, the kernel does.

You will need the ax25libs, ax25-tools and ax25-apps packages for your 
distribution. For the configuration, I suggest you take a look at 

The packaged I mentionned above can be found at 

Hope, that helps.

73, Luc

On Thursday 26 December 2002 12:27, Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Hello Amsat bb,
> Thankyou to the people who have given help in the past.
> I have a question about Pb/ Pg for Linux. After this is downloaded from the
> Amsat site, it is found that no mention is made of how these programs
> communicate in and out of a COM port to a kiss TNC where the COM port
> exists on the same computer. I communcates by AX25 sockets bothways, but
> there is nothing else in the way of a program that interfaces these sockets
> to the COM port. Does anyone know how to do this?
> Richard Atkinson VK4 ZA.

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