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SAFIR-M declared to be operable

Dear friends,

after analysing the logfiles we descide to declare
SAFIR-M to be operable for amateur radio use.

We got some reminds because of the choosen mode
with DL 145,825 MHz and 9k6 and UL 435,275 MHZ with
1k2. This mode is fixed and can not be changed.

We still have the possibility to add a voice beacon
for information voice messages or experiments and
we are able to upload new software for the embedded
microcontroller, if needed.

At the moment we will operate SAFIR-M with the
default settings. This means:
 a) Powered only, when the satellite RUBIN-2 is
    in the sun light!
 b) Beacon messages all 54,6 seconds
 c) Beacon message consists of the  messages INFO,
    DATA0, DATA1, MH0, MH1.
 d) If a AX.25 frame was received correctly on the
    UL, it will echoed on th DL together with a couple
    of former received telegrams.
 e) After eclipse, the onbord counters are reset to
    their default values, the MH-klist will be cleared.

Please use the CELESTRAK TLE "PAYLOAD A" (NORAD #27605,
COSPAR #2002 058A) for tracking purposes.

We think, that these settings are suitable for operation.

We are still interested to get DATA1 messages enclosed with
received day & time in UTC, forwarded via Email to
Mailto:DG6BCE@aatis.de for analysis purposes, as we have at
the moment no direct connection to SAFIR-M due to its orbits
and eclipse phases.

The correct DATA1 format should be:
   18:32:52R DP0AIS>DATA1 Port=2 <UI C Len=21>:
(tnx to Johann ZR1CBC)

Additional informations are be available on the SAFIR-M
homepage http://amend.gmxhome.de. Please give me a chance
to translate them to english within the next days/weeks...

The AATiS team wants to thank for the assistance within
the first orbits. Merry christmas to everyone.

73 de Oliver, DG6BCE

Oliver Amend
Buchenstrasse 16
D-28844 Weyhe-Leeste
Tel.: +49 (0)421 / 80 13 68
Mail: oliver.amend@gmx.de
or:   DG6BCE@aatis.de
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