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SAFIR-M alive on 145.825@9k6

Just sent this to Oliver DG6BCE as to my observations of December 23 at 
23:00 UTC:

Dear Oliver. I just finished listing to the December 23, 2002 23:00 UTC 
passes of Payload E, D, A, C, and B from my location at EL88oa (28.0193 N 
82.7702 W). I was lucky enough to catch all the satellites going from 
sunlight towards eclipse. At no time were two satellites in the sun and in 
range at the same time. More then one was in range at times, but only one 
was in daylight. My observation was that I heard, but did not print, 3 9600 
packet burst coming from Payload A when it was just before entering eclipse. 
No other Payloads were in the sun and in range.

My feelings at this time is that Payload A, using Epoch Rev 20 Keplerian 
elements, is SAFIR. I will continue to monitor and observe as time permits. 
Season greetings to you and yours. 73 Keith N4ZQ

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