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SAFIR-M alive on 145.825@9k6

SAFIR-M is an amateur radio experiment on bord of the small
german scientific satellite RUBIN-2 which was successfully
launched on 20th of december 2002 at 17:00 UTC from Baikonur.
Its call sign is DP0AIS (standing for 'amateur radio in schools').

It will be operable only when RUBIN-2 is in sun light as it
will only be active if the solar cells are powered by the sun.
So, the usable passes over Europe and even Germany are within
the early morning and only for up to 5 minutes with very low
antenna elevations.

As we can not operate SAFIR-M at the moment from Germany, we
recommend to send us received logfiles with date and UTC time
for function control.

SAFIR-M is working as a PR digipeater with UL at 435,275 MHz
in 1k2 AFSK and digipeating any AX.25 frame on the DL of
145,825 MHz in 9k6. Any received frame will be directly echoed
on the DL with the former received frames.
Additionally, a beacon message block is available on the DL
145,825, also in 9k6. It consists of the destination fields
INFO (text), DATA0 (text), DATA1 (Hex).
For analyse of the received field strength, two MH-list are
enclosed for the last 2 x 8 received frames. The MH table
lists the received source call and its SSID, the minimal
and maximal received field strength in dBm and the passed time.

The NORAD 2Lines seem to be not correct in the assignment of
satellite numbers and payloads. SAFIR-M may be Payload C due
to the separation schedule, but also Payload A may fit due
to a first logfile of ZS7ANT on 21.12.

We recommend you to use SAFIR-M and to send us your received
logfiles with date & time in UTC and your position (WGS84 or
locator) for functional control to Mailto:DG6BCE@aatis.de.

Actual information about the status of SAFIR-M will be placed
on my homepage http://amend.gmxhome.de as available. I apologize
that most pages are in german, but I am still working on the

73 de Oliver, DG6BCE

PAYLOAD C               
1 27607U 02058C   02356.80975736  .00002036  00000-0  35805-3 0    84
2 27607  64.5615  12.6315 0040854 134.8260 225.6179 14.69755004   311

AATiS e.V.
Oliver Amend, DG6BCE
Buchenstrasse 16
D-28844 Weyhe-Leeste
Tel.: +49 (0)421 / 80 13 68
Mail: oliver.amend@gmx.de
or:   DG6BCE@aatis.de
SAFIR-M Homepage: http://amend.gmxhome.de
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