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Kenwood R-2000 as 'IF'

I have received some excellent advice (conflicting, of course, but
nonetheless very thoughtful and useful - 'one size DOES NOT fit all!!) about
my questions on HF rigs vs. 'satellite' rigs. My decision might be swayed by
the possible availability (an acquaintance isn't using it much) of a Kenwood
R-2000 SWR (not a TS-2000!). I don't know what price he will want.

I have tried finding info on the net on this old radio (I understand it was
made from the early '80s until the early '90s) but haven't found much
useful. I have no idea how good/bad this model was. Physically, the radio
was in good condition when I saw it collecting dust a few years ago. I am
unsure of its age but am certain is has not been used much lately.

Does anyone have an opinion on using this *specific* radio as a 10 M band
'IF' receiver for AO-40 2.4 GHz signals via some downconverters I have? Good
radio? Bad radio?

Thanks for your thoughts!

David Beach

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