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Re: Info on the G5500 elevation drive including bearing diameter

All good advice from Bill!  The AZ screws will be just as bad.  I broke down
and went to the auto parts store and bought an impact driver ($20).  It is a
deal you hit with a hammer and it turns as you drive it.  It was scary to
use, but it worked.

Merry Christmas and 73,

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Info on the G5500 elevation drive including bearing

> I pulled the elevation motor apart today after about 1 1/2 years of
> service and am in a mess! The elevation pot is broken. It is a wire wound
> 500 ohm variable and only Yaesu seems to have them. The bearing races
> were full except one bearing had fallen out and was rattling around  in
> the case. I miked it at 0.312 inches and put it back in the race. After 2
> years there was a little rust here and there inside but all in all,
> looked pretty good.........UNTIL I tried to remove the four screws
> securing the plate  on which the drive motor/gear assembly is mounted to
> the rotor case. You have to take these four screws loose and remove the
> motor/gear assembly mounting plate to get to the pot and it's wiring. The
> screws are knurled on the outside and are a hex head  type. One popped
> out ok using a hex wrench----the other 3 won't budge. I tried heating
> with a Mapp gas torch----no joy. I have applied liquid wrench
> penetrant---will have to see in the morning if that works.
> Guess if I were going to make  recommendations to a new 5500 owner, so
> far I would suggest the following.
> 1.) The feedback pots are pretty delicate. Try not to drop or bang around
> the rotor.
> 2.)If you plan to do your own servicing for elevation rotor problems
> later down the line, save yourself potential  headaches by opening up the
> elevation rotor prior to putting it in service the first time. Remove the
> aforementioned hex screws , liberally apply anti-seize compound and
> reseat them.
> I don't know about the design on the az rotor but it probably wouldn't
> hurt to take a peek and look for a similar setup.
> 3.) I might also add that the weatherproofing on my unit was in bad
> shape. Get some clear or white silicone caulk and re-caulk the joints/
> seams once you are ready to reassemble.
> Merry Christmas and happy New Year
> Bill, W5PGZ
> PS: Any suggestions on getting these other 3 bolts loose would be very
> welcome.
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