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blocking cap

Kyle wrote:

I would like to try using my HT to help aim my downlink antenna for AO-40 --
for my temporary setup (no rotators)...

Wayne replies:

This should work.  The "tee" wouldn't have a proper impedance match when the
HT is connected, but that shouldn't matter after the gain of the
downconverter.  Radio Shack sells a weatherproof "DC block" with
F-connectors for about $2.   When you say "HT", are you referring to a
Kenwood TH-F6?  That is the only HT I know of that can receive SSB.  I don't
think you could listen to the AO40 beacon with an FM receiver.  It would
probably work with an HT that receives AM.

I use a 40 foot headphone extension cord to listen to the beacon while
adjusting my portable AO40 antennas.  A 900 MHz cordless headset would be
even easier.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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