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Re: re: AO-40 Spreadsheets

A CGI or a JavaScript is a darn good idea.  My little helix calculator that 
I figured would be little more than a curiousity has
proven to be quite popular.

If I had any free time at all, which I don't and probably won't for another 
9  to 12 months, I'd write a JavaScript to do that.

But I could give some suggestions to someone else who takes on the task.

Fred W0FMS

>From: Tovar <tvr@usermail.com>
>To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
>CC: Steve Muncy <smuncy@mac.com>
>Subject: [amsat-bb] re: AO-40 Spreadsheets
>Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 13:26:26 -0800
>    Using Office X I have enabled macros on the startup of the spreadsheet 
>    also in turned off "macro virus protection" in the preferences -- all 
>    no effect. Funny, but I've found Excel X to be extremely compatible 
>with its
>    Windows counterpart and swap files every day - but I've not really done
>    anything to duplicate the button macros so maybe that is another 
>    "feature."
>That's discouraging, and as i understand it, both are Microsoft products.
>Maybe they want you to have to buy their most recent version (even if it
>isn't available for the Mac -- hey, that way you get to buy their O/S as
>well...)  Sorry for the cynicism, folks; i've developed software under/for
>Windows NT, etc., and i don't enjoy it (and alas, the company i worked for
>ceased operations last February, so i can't try it there).
>Maybe the fix for Mac folks is for someone to save copies of this spread-
>sheet on their WWW site after clicking on each of the comment/useful 
>downlink configurations.  It sounds tedious, but there aren't that many
>modes currently in active use (or likely to be) and at least that way the
>Macintosh folks can figure on something beside 436 MHz uplink and 2.4 GHz
>downlink? Perhaps it might work at least partially for 'gnumeric' as well??
>AL7EB's response was very helpful and explained why i was having problems
>before.  It might even be sufficient for me to come up with a workable
>uplink antenna.  K9KK's posting on a related topic was also a useful datum.
>But one question still remains. The working spreadsheet on the Mac is quite
>pretty and a credit to the person who developed it.  But the calculations
>can't be so complex that they requires fancy software and can't be done by
>hand.  The formulae should be well known, but the needed values aren't
>necessarily going to be in the books.
>How does someone calculate the uplink/downlink requirements without using
>Microsoft software?
>				 -- KD6PAG
>P.S.  I'm not just asking someone else to do the work.  While i am just a
>programmer and not a tech. writer, if someone can explain to me how to do
>it for AO-40 (perhaps making reference to ARRL publications, many of which
>are available in my local library system), perhaps i can either write up
>the explanation for general consumption and/or generate an open source
>solution (perhaps even a CGI) that makes this information accessible to
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