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re: AO-40 Spreadsheets

Paul Williamson wrote:

  > If I knew the first thing about Excel macro programming, I'd try to
  > convert it to run under Excel X. It couldn't be that hard. It appears
  > that all the button macros do is fill in appropriate values in the
  > main spreadsheet.

You are correct Paul. The macro buttons load the pertinent data from
the "Transponder Data" worksheet into the appropriate cells in the
"Calculations" and "Display Page" worksheets. I have loaded the
appropriate data and removed the macros in the following spreadsheets.
This should make it easier for those users who are having problems
with the macros.

S2 downlink - U uplink:

S2 downlink - L1 uplink:

I did not bother creating a spreadsheet for the L2 uplink because
I understand that it is only 1 dB down from the L1 uplink.

Tovar wrote:

  > How does someone calculate the uplink/downlink requirements without 
  > Microsoft software?
  > 				 -- KD6PAG
  > P.S.  I'm not just asking someone else to do the work.  While i am 
just a
  > programmer and not a tech. writer, if someone can explain to me how 
to do
  > it for AO-40 (perhaps making reference to ARRL publications, many of
  > are available in my local library system), perhaps i can either write up
  > the explanation for general consumption and/or generate an open source
  > solution (perhaps even a CGI) that makes this information accessible to
  > everyone.

Tovar, you can find all the calculations and formulas on the
"Calculations" worksheet. I am willing to help you or anyone else
who wants to generate an open source solution.


Gene Marcus W3PM GM4YRE
Huntsville, AL


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