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Re: re: AO-40 Spreadsheets

On 12/18/02 01:31, "John Mock" <kd6pag@qsl.net> wrote:

>  A little problem that I have since I "switched" is the macros (i.e. buttons)
>  in these spreadsheets do not work when I load them into Excel from MS Office
>  v. X on my dual G4 PowerMac. The rest of the spreadsheet seems to work fine
>  and I am enabling macros when loading.

> I was finally able to find a friend with Excel 98 for a PowerPC at least,
> and reproduced the problem.  Yes, it executes the start up macros, but if
> i clicked on any of the uplink or downlink select buttons, then nothing
> happened.
> One thing i did notice is that the Macintosh version of Excel has a virus
> protection feature under "Preferences..." [or something like that].  I was
> asked not to try turning that off, as it was not my computer.  But you may
> want to turn it off briefly to see if that fixes your problem (and then
> remember to turn it back on after you've selected your uplink or whatever),
> as It seems likely that button macros might be turned off by default on the
> Macintosh for imported spreadsheets as a security measure.  Please let me
> know what happens.

Using Office X I have enabled macros on the startup of the spreadsheet and
also in turned off "macro virus protection" in the preferences -- all with
no effect. Funny, but I've found Excel X to be extremely compatible with its
Windows counterpart and swap files every day - but I've not really done
anything to duplicate the button macros so maybe that is another Microsoft

> The question still remains.  How does one calculate needed antenna gain,
> etc. for AO-40, without running Windows???

Has anyone tried this in Virtual PC? (I don't have it).

Steve A. Muncy            <mailto:smuncy@mac.com>
Dallas, Texas             <http://homepage.mac.com/smuncy/main.html>

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