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Re: What is out there now?

In a message dated 12/18/02 12:40:59 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
shortsheep@worldnet.att.net writes:

>  If you're only interested in buying off the shelf at a
>  consumer trap, then you're right, you'll not find any ISA there.  Check
>  out Tiger, JDR Microdevices, any of the reputable distributors, they
>  have what you need.  Most Mom/Pop computer stores should be able to
>  custom build for you as well.
>  73's
>  Ray - WB3ABN
>  Kingston, WA

Excellent idea!  

The other option is to move back to a second hand approx 500 MHz 
machine....at that time they were just moving out of ISA slots and left a 
couple on the board for you (us).....there should be plenty of speed for most 
ham applications, heck maybe even up to 750 MHz! ...... that way you can keep 
the cost down some....maybe even zero if you hang around the recycling 
centers ..... I can aim you toward a source if you can't come up with 
any..... off the BBS of course 

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