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Re: get a clue...

I've been reading these topics for awhile.

First I should say I haven't been on AO-40 in over a year, so can't really
know how bad the problem is with "alligators" on mode-U.  So I have to ask:
"do you talk with these offenders?"  If you are having QSO's with stations
that are running too much power, then you reward them for their "nice,
loud" signal.  If you contact them do you mention that they are running way
too high an uplink signal?  Just wondering.

I find it interesting that mode-L does not seem to affect the agc?  Does
the mode-L receiver not generate agc? Or is it not connected to the S2

Too bad that LEILA seems not to be "training" folks to operate correctly.
Certainly the LEILA notch is placed ahead of the agc detector, else its a
"toothless tiger"!

I will be back on mode-US after Christmas (maybe even this saturday if
there is a daytime pass over Alaska).  I head south for Christmas vacation
Saturday night so probably won't be on till the following week.  I am going
to be interested to see what's going on these days!

Ed - AL7EB
downlink: 33-inch dish (25 dBic), 0.6 dBNF, 40 dB gain
UHF uplink: 436CP42 (16.5 dBdc, 18.6 dBic), 50w
1268 uplink: off the air pending installation on an 8-foot dish.

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