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re: AO-40 Spreadsheets

   A little problem that I have since I "switched" is the macros (i.e. buttons)
   in these spreadsheets do not work when I load them into Excel from MS Office
   v. X on my dual G4 PowerMac. The rest of the spreadsheet seems to work fine
   and I am enabling macros when loading.

   Has anyone else ran into this problem and found a solution?

I was finally able to find a friend with Excel 98 for a PowerPC at least,
and reproduced the problem.  Yes, it executes the start up macros, but if
i clicked on any of the uplink or downlink select buttons, then nothing

One thing i did notice is that the Macintosh version of Excel has a virus
protection feature under "Preferences..." [or something like that].  I was
asked not to try turning that off, as it was not my computer.  But you may
want to turn it off briefly to see if that fixes your problem (and then
remember to turn it back on after you've selected your uplink or whatever),
as It seems likely that button macros might be turned off by default on the
Macintosh for imported spreadsheets as a security measure.  Please let me 
know what happens.

The question still remains.  How does one calculate needed antenna gain,
etc. for AO-40, without running Windows???

			         -- KD6PAG
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