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RE: What is out there now?

Michael, you can have ISA slot(s) IF you want them.  Nearly every major
distributor of components (motherboards) offers several options which
include one or more ISA slots.  What I'm telling you is that you don't
have to settle for what the local Best Buy or Circuit City thinks you
need, or has the greatest profit margin for them.  Motherboard
manufacturers will likely continue to support ISA at least minimally
(one slot) for quite some time, as there are too many legacy cards that
just don't have any new PCI replacements, especially in the scientific
world.  So they keep offering one or two models with an ISA slot in the
hopes that either your current box croaked and you must replace it, or
you choose to replace it IF you can continue to use your legacy
devices.  Why, because some of these old cards cost oodles (tens of
thousands of dollars). This means, build it yourself, to your
specifications.  Big PLUS is that you don't have to pay homage to Bill
Gates by being forced to purchase a Windows license that you don't need
or want.  If you're only interested in buying off the shelf at a
consumer trap, then you're right, you'll not find any ISA there.  Check
out Tiger, JDR Microdevices, any of the reputable distributors, they
have what you need.  Most Mom/Pop computer stores should be able to
custom build for you as well.
Ray - WB3ABN
Kingston, WA
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Howdy Folks,
      I am being pressed to upgrade my computer for Christmas. 
Actually, my wife wants a new computer, but she knows by getting me one,
she can have this one, which is bug-free and fully tested.  There isn't
much out there with an ISA slot in it anymore.  So what are you using to
control your AZ/EL rotors? I am partial to NOVA because of 20 years of
working on and staring at radar screens.  (Well, it looks like a radar
screen).  But I could change that too if need be.  So what is out there
today, and how much its it?
Thanks.  Mike.  KD9KC
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