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L1 warble

Hi All,
     I made a recording last night of myself and N6ORS on AO40, it is pretty
clear that the warble is back but at a reduced level, plus the 6db
difference between L1 and L2 is gone....( around 1db difference now noted by
I8CVS, I cant measure it that fine).
    I have recordings and sstv pics that I started making way back when the
sat first started offpointing, L band has been very clear and clean other
than a 10hz shift in the signal freq. (which Roy VE7BPB  mentioned some time
back), the SSTV pics which consisted of a half black and white shot clearly
showed a lot of sparkles on U band (probably from radar) while the same pic
sent on L band had almost no sparkles, for almost 3 months L band has been

 Now the sat is back on alon/alat 0/0 and the warble is back, what has
changed to cause this? since it is not radar it has to be something else...
what systems have been turned back on that may be causing this?

Any ideas?


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