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Re: get a clue...

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From: "i8cvs" <domenico.i8cvs@tin.it>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 6:00 AM
Subject: R: [amsat-bb] get a clue...

> Stations using excessive 70 cm uplink power cannot achieve the same
> excessive level of those using L-band because LEILA put  a notch and
> the siren to the U-band offending signals for level just 8 dB belove the
> beacon. If i use the U-band uplink i cannot desense the U-band receiver
> i cannot desense the L-band receiver at all because of the above LEILA
> limitations.

Hi Dom and All,

 I would only agree with the above statement to a point... it is possible to
be beacon level  on U band and only trip Leila once in awhile, Leila can
only be in so many points at a time... , plus the operators voice and the
type of rig also makes a difference, when I first got on ao40 I had an Icom
820, and leila loved me at both the high and low power setting, on the 820
low power was around 5 watts... when I got a icom 910 leila pretty much
ignores me, same antenna same coax and same conditions so whats the
difference? the 910 apparently doesnt have as high of voice peaks as the 820
and it has a lower and broader tone response which leila seems to ignore
more... also many have commented on how sstv seems to be given some slack by
Leila... so Leila although handy is not the final solution...

I am wondering what will happen as more ops migrate to L band, the AGC has
been tweaked for a much different response than on U, and no Leila...   if I
had to guess.. and its only a guess (so no flame mail on how wrong I am) I
would say that maybe the agc and no Leila is so that a command station could
not be kept out by the agc clamping the passband, anyway most ops you talk
to say that a goal is to get on L, what will happen then?


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