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L-Band Uplink required Power?


I have been 'calculating' what I do need as uplink EIRP to make easy contact 
on AO-40 - using L-Band uplink.

I cannot use this fine excel sheet - as I do not own MS Excel, only 

The situation here... I will have around 30m Koax... that will give me about 
3,5 dB losses. I intend to use the ECOFLEX15 cable.

Antennas... unfortunatly I will not be able to mount another / an bigger one 
dish for 23cm. So Helix is currently my first choice. Will get an 20 turn 
helix for the beginning, it should give me around 15dbic gain.

Power... as so or so I need more power than the 10Watts from my rig, I will 
get the DL2AM 80 Watts PA.

Theoretically this setup should work.

If it will not work? I will probably try these improvements one after the 
other one.

1. Mount the amplifier closer the the antenna (below the mast, that will   
reduce the cable length to 6-8m. At the same time I also could move my 70cm 
ampt to the antenna.

2. Stack another helix to the existing one, giving me about 2,7dB more gain

3. Well... same as 2... going for 4 helixes.

So, now for those who use L-Band. What is the power I will need. Will the 
first setup work? Or at which improvement will I able to stop. At low squint 
angle the initial setup will probably not work that bad.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

73, Luc, LX2GT
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