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Hi All,

In cases like this where the DNS entries are wrong or missing, but the
actual web server itself is still working, you may be able to effect a
temporary workaround...  as long as you know what the webserver's IP address

The IP address for www.n3iyr.com appears to be

Presumably this webserver hosts several sites;  therefore, browsing to doesn't work, as your web browser doesn't issue the "GET
http://www.n3iyr.com/ HTTP/1.1" request which the web server needs in order
to decide which of the many virtual-hosted sites it should serve to you.

However, you can work around the damaged DNS information (or lack there-of)

1.  Make sure your browser doesn't need to go through a proxy server.  (If
it does need to go through a proxy, then the proxy needs to be able to
resolve the hostname, not your PC itself).

2.  Assuming you aren't forced into going through a proxy, then add an entry
in your "hosts" file, of:


[ I use Windows XP, therefore my hosts file is at
c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ]

3. Open your browser and browse to http://www.n3iyr.com !

4.  As a test, try browsing to http://n3iyr.com
    If it fails, then DNS still isn't working.
    If it works, then DNS is back up and running... or you've added an entry
for n3iyr.com in your hosts file!

5.  When the DNS for the domain DOES start working again, ensure you comment
out ("#") the entry in your hosts file... or you might get caught out one
day if the website's IP address genuinely changes!

Hope this helps a little.

73 Chris vk6kch

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