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Re: 2.4GHz DSS cordless phones

> Conclusion:
> Damn yes its grim. Because this is just the begining...
> I talked to a gentleman in the office depot the other
> day and he and his friends were making money putting
> wireless networks into small business with high gain
> antennas so the owners could work from their homes.
> So....  we better start looking at the higher bands because
> i would wager within three years this band will be pretty
> useless for weak signal work.
> Keith

     Yes it is GRIM!  Why must we look up?  I believe the part 15 users have
beaten or at least are beating us to C Band as well.  Where do we go next, X
band? K band? it gets harder and more expensive each time you move up.  2
meters and 70 cm are more open all the time.  Both of those bands used to be
surrounded by high power commercial users.  All of those users have moved to
800 MHz or higher.

     S Band is almost unusable here due to interference, and I live in South
Dakota!  In the spring I will be trying a larger dish with a fence around
the edge of the reflector and the feed hidden inside a cup (extreme measures
for a system that used to work).

     A few years ago it was pointless to connect my hand held (Yaesu FT-470)
to my main FM antenna (dual band vertical at 30 feet).  The pagers and
business band radios ate it alive.  Now I am amazed out how well it can hear
with no interference.

     There seem to be fewer and fewer active operators, does it make sense
to spread them over more and more spectrum?

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